Luxury wooden bungalows
luxury wooden bungalows

Molly bungalow

The Molly luxury wooden bungalows with a fireplace and the most popular, unique Container House are scattered throughout a beautifully landscaped, wooded area of about 2 hectares in Noszvaj, on the hillside overlooking the Síkfőkút Lakes. 

They are separated from the central valley by the Lower Lake, which, despite teeming with fish, frogs and wild ducks and being home to a pair of turtles, doesn’t quite compare to Lake Balaton. It takes 3 minutes to get from the pool to the gate. 

The Molly used to be the holiday resort of the Szolnok research company of Hungarian state oil company MOL – hence the name Molly. We renovated the building to provide families and groups of friends with spacious, cosy and sophisticated accommodation.