Programme guide

Out of Africa

We have two escape rooms 

in our garden, both offering exciting adventures. Indoor, enclosed, but unheated rooms for up to 15 players at a time. As part of the story, participants solve the mystery as detectives of the Pinkerton Private Investigation Agency commissioned for the case by the Scotland Yard. It takes about 90 minutes to get out. 


Creative relaxation 

The workshops take 1.52 hours at the Manufaktúra Klub (or, on request, at the Nomad), with the whole team involved. You can make decorations for the office with your colleagues.  



The scavenger hunt, which is typically a village hike, takes about 90 minutes and is done in teams. It usually has a theme: an end product (gin and tonic, mulled wine, cookies, etc.), the ingredients of which the teams must find in different locations, progressing from one location to another by solving puzzles. Once the team has obtained all of the ingredients, you “assemble” the product together, as part of a workshop at the Nomad – this typically takes about 1 hour. However, such a theme is optional; the overall task may only be to solve the puzzles. If there are any small gifts that the company wants to give to employees, they can be hidden at the locations.  


Safari in the Bükk

Safari in the Bükk, at special locations, 34 hours. The whole team together. The bus takes the guests to wonderful places, with stops and short hikes in exciting areas. The bus driver is a living encyclopedia of the history, traditions and legends of the region. There is also the option of a forest picnic lunch, weather permitting. Alternatively, team members may have picnic boxes to take on the bus.